Customizable Letter of Support

<<Letterhead of Organization, if appropriate>>

To: Christine Daniel, Oakland Assistant City Administrator,
To: Katano Kasaine, Oakland Treasurer,
To: Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember,
To: Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember,
To: Abel Guillen, Oakland City Councilmember,

<<Organization Name>> is writing today to urge you to move forward with all possible speed to create the Public Bank of Oakland.

A Public Bank of Oakland can finance construction of affordable housing to prevent the displacement of so many of our residents. In addition, it can lend funds needed to improve our schools and after-school programs. And it can finance new businesses that will provide jobs.

OPTIONAL – ADJUST AS APPROPRIATE: Our mission is to <<mission>>. A public bank can aid in <<Organization Name’s>> mission by << mission specific or related bank program, with explanation >> and with low-cost credit for << something >>.

A public bank will serve the people of the Bay Area not only by extending credit for worthwhile enterprises, but also by retaining the bank’s profits as public property to be used for our common good. It simply makes sense to align our fiscal practices with our social ideals. Through public banking, we can help our own communities thrive rather than enrich the shareholders of Chase or other private banks.

We look forward to testifying in favor of creating a Public Bank of Oakland once the up-coming City Administrator’s report is heard before the City Council.


<<Person representing Organization Name>>