One way to pressure the City Council and other stakeholders is to get as many organizations as possible to send letters of support for the Public Bank of Oakland. Our customizable letter is easily copied into any word processor and modified to suit the organization. We want letters from community groups, neighborhood groups, churches, advocacy groups, and just about anyone else you can think of. Please copy the letter and have organizations you are involved with sign and send it. Then come to our contact page and let us know who you brought into the fold, so we don’t duplicate effort.

The following groups signed our initial letter of support in May of 2016.

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
Causa Justa
Commonomics USA
Community Development Finance
Empowered Investments/Mehul Thakker
Idle No More SF Bay
John George Democratic Club
Oakland Education Association Executive
Oakland Green Party
Oakland Justice Coalition
Oakland Tenants Union
Public Banking Institute
Strike Debt Bay Area
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

We are currently recruiting a wide range of Oakland, East Bay, and other organizations to join our movement. If you have ideas for groups that might want to sign on with us, leave us a note.