Friends of the Public Bank Join #DivesttheGlobe

On Monday, October 23, several of the Friends of the Public Bank joined the Divest the Globe – Huichin action in downtown Oakland,  sponsored by our friends at Defense of Mother Earth–Huichin, as part of a three-day global action timed to coincide with the meeting of 92 major global banks in São Paolo, Brazil. The intent is to get as much money as possible out of the banks that support pipelines, fracking, and other prioritizing of oil over water, so we can KEEP IT IN THE GROUND.

Over 100 people gathered at Oscar Grant Plaza (formally known as Frank Ogawa Plaza) for prayer, information, and teaching three songs in indigenous North American languages. Then we marched to three local big banks.

At the first stop, Citibank, the group performed a round dance. At the second stop, Wells Fargo, DOME-Huichin led a teach-in while some people went in to divest. And at the third stop, Chase (where the City of Oakland banks) Amazon Watch and others provided a skit where they convinced a “banker” that masaska (money) talks. Back at OGP, resources for moving your money, and ideas about where to move it (including Self-Help Federal Credit Union and Beneficial State Bank) were provided.

The crowd was engaged, the activities were powerful, and the passersby were interested. An extremely successful event; thanks again to DOME-Huichin for all they do.


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